SME Development and Training

Training and developing SME entrepreneurs and bankers in finance and lending since 2009.

One of JBS Training’s key areas of activities is in the development and training of SME entrepreneurs across a broad range of financial and business areas, as well as training SME bankers in lending techniques that are particular to the SME market.

The Small and Medium sized Enterprise sector is the largest and most dynamic industrial sector of any successful free enterprise economy, creating more wealth and more jobs than any other sector. It is in the pursuit of enhancing that growth that our consultants have been designing and developing a wide range of tailored programmes in SME finance across a number of developing markets. With a special emphasis on the African market, JBS training helps business development and project financing for both SME entrepreneurs, seeking to move to the next stage of their companies’ development as well as bankers in understanding the particular opportunities and challenges of lending to the fast growth SME sector.


JBS Training has been working with the Egyptian Banking Institute, the official training arm of the Central Bank of Egypt, since 2011 in developing the skills of professional services professionals lending and investing in Egypt’s burgeoning SME sector.

In 2016 the Government of Egypt launched its SME 2020 initiative to encourage banks based in Egypt to lend up to EGYP 200 billion to over 350,000 companies in the SME sector with the aim of creating up to 4 million jobs. As part of this initiative, the EBI has been a driving force organising SME related courses for SME bankers from Egypt’s leading financial institutions. Since 2016, JBS Training, working with the EBI has designed and developed a large number of courses in Cairo covering SME financial risk analysis, SME credit risk analysis, SME cash flow analysis and forecasting, SME Early Warning Signals, SME Business Diagnostics and Development and SME distressed debt and restructuring.

JBS Training is now developing a new SME Enterprise initiative in Egypt targeted at training and developing SME entrepreneurs and management in a broad range of essential financial literacy courses, including financial statement analysis, cash flow creation, financial planning for raising debt and equity financing, budget forecasting, cost and pricing decision making and investment decision making in SMEs, among other areas.


JBS Training has been active in Learning and Development in South Africa since 2010 where a number of our consultants have been developing training programmes for some of the country’s leading banks and a number of government agencies in training their finance professionals in SME lending.

Our consultants have also worked with the National Empowerment Fund of South Africa and the South African Development Bank focusing on training lenders to the country’s dynamic small and micro enterprise sector as part of the country’s ongoing Black Economic Empowerment programme. We are also currently devising training programmes in financial literacy and financial statement analysis, budgeting, pricing and costing strategies, project investment analysis, as well as in cash flow preparation and analysis and working capital management for entrepreneurs and managers in the micro enterprise and SME sectors in South Africa.