Training Methodology

All JBS Training programmes are run asintensive workshops drawing primarily on direct financing and risk analysis for the business and banking conditions in our clients’ regions of operation. The learning techniques employed during these programmes are a mix of formal presentations, written materials and project assignments but with a core theme of problem solving through case study analysis. By working together in project teams to analyse and provide solutions to case study scenarios, the delegates share their developed knowledge and experience in banking together, sharing concepts and working closely in solving practical issues.

As concepts are introduced and reviewed at each stage of each workshop, pre selectedcase studies are introduced from a range of key sectors in which the delegates operate. At the request of our clients, we frequently include their own client companies in our training workshops.

The workshops are designed with active delegate participation as a core theme of the workshop. Delegates will be required to present their findings and solutions to their colleagues in class and discussions and analysis of these solutions among all delegates will then follow.