About us

Introduction to
JBS Training

JBS Training is a professional education company that provides tailored, technical and soft skills training services to banks and finance companies seeking todevelop the professional expertise of their banking and finance personnel.

The company’s knowledge base is derived from the decades of combined banking and finance expertise of its founding member and JBS Training’s other professional trainers and stakeholders.

JBS Training covers a wide geographicalspread of developed and developing markets across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, South America, sub Saharan Africa and the Far East.

The company’s Mission is to provide technical, tailored, highly interactive, financial training services to its clients, to the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Professional education and training

JBS Training has been providing bespoke professional training to banks and finance executives since 2009. Since then the company has delivered a wide range of highly successful bespoke courses for some of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions. Our courses are tailored to the professional level and particular needs of your professional staff, to ensure that all training workshops delivered are highly applicable to your staff’s every day work needs.

Juan Gamecho Managing Partner and Training professional

Juan is a graduate of the University of Wales - Cardiff Business School, United Kingdom. His banking career began in the City of London in 1993 with Hill Samuel Bank and N M Rothschild. He later joined Charterhouse Bank (later absorbed into HSBC) and then the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In 2003 he established his own investment banking advisory firm, Capital Advisers Limited, which in 2009 was renamed JBS Training and Consulting once the firm began offering professional education training in debt restructuring and banking. Juan has focused most of his professional banking career on the developing markets of Central and Eastern Europe where he is one of the region’s leading financial experts. He has an impressive list of major cross border financial deals under his belt totalling over USD 2 billion and continues to advise some of the region’s leading local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Since 2009 Juan has extended his markets of operation into Middle East namely across the GCC and Egypt. He began his professional education training career in 2003 and in recent years has extended these services to his GCC markets as well as to the Far East.

Beatrice Gamecho Training Programme Manager

Experienced Senior Credit Professional and Member of the Corporate Credit Committee with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry since 2005. Skilled in Finance, Corporate and SME Banking, with in-depth credit analysis and risk evaluation knowledge applied for a portfolio of more than 100 clients and approved financing in excess of 200 mil EUR.

Strong professional graduated from BA (Hons) in "Finance & Banking" (certified by UK NARIC) - University of Economic Studies of Bucharest and Master Degree in "Management and Business Communication"- National School of Political and Administrative Sciences.